Motor Selection


Real World Testing

We are New England boatmakers.  Our boats fire up when the ice shack goes away in spring and keep the screws turning until the snowmobile makes tracks across the early winter snow.  That might be a bit much for some, but then again we also think water skis and wetsuits go together quite nicely.

Every one of our watercraft is tested throughout the entire cycle of use, from launch through on-water activities and reloading into transport/storage.

We focus on details like fuel systems that stay clean and dry in any weather and high quality gel cell battery systems that are ready whenever you are, every day or on the occasional weekend; anytime from high season to winterization and spring startup.


We Are Your Inspector

Modern boatmaking & assembly, like automotive and aerospace applications, requires integration of components from manufacturers all over the world.

As a full service boat builder we complete our assembly here in the United States by assigning your craft a US Coast Guard Hull ID number and all of the documentation you need to operate your new craft.

Before that happens each boat undergoes both functional tests and inspection to ensure compatibility with US regulations and American boat industry standards.


The Quality You Want, The Experience You'll Remember

Making great memories on the water comes from years of experience and relentless attention to detail.  There are a lot of fantastic boat & motor combinations for you to explore - give us a shout and let's find the right one for your application!



Tohatsu delivers: Features, Quality and Value

Tohatsu is currently producing very competitive motor options.  A particularly fine example of this is the Tohatsu MFS 20HP.  This motor represents the new breed of Electronically Fuel Injected motors:

  • Effortless starting with no choke required
  • Butter smooth idle and low speed operation - precise command of craft during docking
  • Very refined throttle response, smoother high speed operation
  • Astonishing 50% range boost vs carburetor 4 stroke motors, allowing you to go much further on a tank of gas

GoBoat with Tohatsu Power:

Power your GoBoat with Tohatsu build quality, performance and reliability.  Click Here to earn about Tohatsu Technology

Tohatsu motors 9.9HP and greater are available with EFI fuel injection for reliable starts, smooth idle and low speed control and maximum range per tank.



Hidea delivers: Dependable Classics and Competitive Value

We see especially good results with Hidea's 2.5HP - 15HP range.  So if you're looking for a factory fresh, reliable 4 stroke motor to power anything from our 330 through 390 class boats then Hidea has great options for you.

Hidea's strengths are:

  • Value - typically a Hidea will give you more displacement (and therefore torque) per dollar
  • Motors built on tried and true designs.  These are the classic carburetor 4 strokes that we all know.  That simplicity means you can field strip and troubleshoot using everyday equipment and knowledge.
  • Parts - Hidea offers commonly requested parts such as replacement carburetors at some of the most competitive prices in the industry - making maintenance a breeze

GoBoat with Hidea Power

Power your GoBoat with Hidea, value that's tough to beat!

Fun Facts: Coming to you from Hangzhou, China, home of the world's largest tidal bore, Hidea equips even their electric start motors all the way up to their upcoming 30HP EFI with a recoil starter, a low-tech reliable backup often missing from competitor offerings.